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What are the emergency measures for outdoor children's play equipment?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-09
What are the emergency measures for outdoor children's play equipment?

2021/9/18 5:52:38

Outdoor children's play equipment is an amusement product that provides fun for children. People can play freely in the playground, relieve the pressure of life and work, and get close to nature, but they need to pay attention while playing, because outdoor children's play equipment products sometimes If it breaks down, it will pose a threat to the tourists. The person in charge of outdoor children's play equipment should also take emergency measures to deal with the occurrence of emergencies.

1. For sliding track equipment such as roller coasters, coasters, and caterpillars, when the equipment or passengers have abnormal conditions, the staff should press the emergency stop button, and the passengers will be evacuated to the ground after the equipment stops steadily.

2. If the taxiing equipment just runs to the high point and stops due to a fault, the staff should evacuate the passengers from the front of the car to the rear. Be careful not to start from the back, because the center of gravity of the equipment will move forward and automatically slide down, causing an accident occur.

3. If the equipment has passed the high point and started to slide down freely and stopped due to a fault, the staff should let the equipment slide back by itself. After stopping in the maintenance section, the staff manually adjust the brake, let the equipment slide to the platform, and put the equipment on the platform. Passengers were evacuated from the platform.

4. If the outdoor children's play equipment is stuck during operation, the staff will deal with it according to the passenger's sitting position. If the passenger is in a normal sitting position, take the power outage measures to deal with it. If the passenger is in an abnormal sitting position, take the ladder to rescue. .

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