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What are the indoor children's play equipment?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-11
What are the indoor children's play equipment?

2021/9/26 4:02:23

The snow is all over the south slope, the wild geese fly north, and the grass-roots spring is better than Chunhui. Winter is coming quietly, and the snow is flying. The northern geese traveled long distances to spend the winter in warm places in the south, and the water amusement projects opened in full swing as soon as possible, and now they have become the home ground of indoor indoor amusement equipment on land.

Recently, the weather in the north has been cold and even snowed heavily. The Jinma amusement equipment manufacturer is located in Guangdong. The editor feels the arrival of autumn and has received many calls from buyers of playgrounds operating in the north. Most of them want to purchase large-scale indoor amusement equipment. Yes, it is understood that the winter in the north is very long. If the weather is raining or snowing, the outdoor amusement equipment will not be played at all. Therefore, it is a good choice to purchase indoor amusement equipment in winter.

Jinma Amusement has 16 years of rich experience in the production of amusement equipment, and produces a wide variety of indoor amusement equipment, such as bumper cars, children's spray ball cars, jungle roller coasters (can be used indoors and outdoors), mini shuttles and so on. In addition to the supply of amusement themed products, Golden Horse Amusement also provides one-stop services for theme design planning and site construction. The business scope of landscape engineering includes: design and production of landscapes such as tourist resorts, children's playgrounds, theme parks, children's professional experience halls, and commercial buildings. The business scope of children's amusement includes: shopping plazas, theme restaurants, kindergartens, theme parks, indoor playgrounds, tourist resorts and other public areas.

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