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What are the main types of amusement equipment?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-24
What are the main types of amusement equipment?

2021/9/24 4:34:05

Now there are more and more amusement equipment on the market, so what are the classification standards for these amusement equipment? How are they classified? What are their respective characteristics?

Category 1: Soft Amusement Equipment
As the name suggests, this type of amusement equipment is made of very soft materials, which are represented by inflatable castles. Most of these kinds of equipment belong to children's amusement equipment. The main difference of this kind of equipment is the difference in appearance. This kind of equipment is also an old batch of amusement equipment.
Category 2: Water amusement equipment
We know from the name that such equipment is used on water. Most of them are composed of plastic slides. This type of equipment requires smooth and strong materials, and can be used with inflatable rafts. You can choose the equipment model according to the scale of your water park.

Category 3: Mechanical amusement equipment

Amusement equipment rotating octopus is a mainstream product in the amusement equipment industry, which can be subdivided into large, medium and small amusement equipment. The main difference is that it is defined according to the size of the equipment. This type of equipment uses mechanical principles and packs and beautifies the mechanical components. It is very popular with passengers for its exciting and good-looking appearance.
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