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What are the new amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-02-26
What are the new amusement equipment

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With the development of society, people's living standards have also been significantly improved, and the requirements for play have become higher and higher, resulting in more and more attention to amusement equipment. With the changes of the times, traditional amusement equipment can no longer meet the current market demand. In order to improve this situation, new amusement equipment needs to be adopted. So what are the new amusement equipment?

1. Battery bumper cars

Bumper cars can be described as 'ancient' amusement equipment. From the previous skynet bumper cars to the ground net bumper cars, the selection of the venue and the cost input are very large, and the design standards of the venue are very strict, and ordinary investors may Stay away. In addition, skynet bumper cars and ground net bumper cars need to be contacted for power supply, and sometimes even sparks will appear. Many players are worried about safety issues and do not go to play. As a result, battery bumper cars have become popular. Battery bumper cars, as the name suggests, are equipped with batteries/batteries for each bumper car, which do not require contact power supply, are very safe, and are applicable to a wide range of venues, such as squares, communities, scenic spots, amusement parks, etc., which represent Huaqin's spaceship series bumper cars , Motorboat series, etc.

2. Recreational motorcycles

Motorcycles are popular among people because of their convenience and speed, so the development of motorcycles into amusement equipment is of course very popular with children. Similarly, motorcycle amusement equipment is powered by battery/battery alone, with various designs and shapes, such as Huaqin Prince Motorcycle, Whirlwind Motorcycle, Hali Motorcycle, Carp Speed u200bu200band other entertainment motorcycles are good choices.

3. Amusement robots

Robots have always been the representative of high-tech, especially in the 21st century, everything is about intelligence, AI, and integrating high-tech into amusement equipment. Entertainment is the main theme of the current development of the amusement equipment industry, represented by Iron Man series of robots, iron armored dragon series robots, children's mecha series, etc.

Through the above explanation, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the new amusement equipment. If an amusement park wants to achieve rapid development, it needs continuous innovation. Finally, I hope that the article of the editor can help you.
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