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What is the difference between a deluxe carousel and a simple carousel?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-02-08
What is the difference between a deluxe carousel and a simple carousel?

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Friends who often go to the playground will find that there are two kinds of merry-go-rounds in the playground, namely the luxury merry-go-round and the suggested merry-go-round. . Whether it is a luxury carousel or a simple carousel, it is a popular amusement equipment for children and adolescents. Therefore, when choosing a carousel, please choose a carousel that suits you according to your own venue and actual situation. Next, let me introduce to you what are the differences between luxury Trojans and recommended Trojans?

Luxury carousel, as the name suggests, is a luxurious carousel. It is a vertical axis single-swivel undulating amusement machine, designed to simulate the entertainment activities of a horse racing hall. The upper part of the amusement machine is equipped with colored cones. The perimeter of the ceiling is equipped with colorful glass fiber reinforced plastic decorative panels, which is more luxurious and looks like a gorgeous horse racing hall. In the center of the hall is a herd of large and small horses running up and down. After the equipment is turned on, the golden light and the silver light gleam with each other. The horses and carriages are racing each other, forming a scene of thousands of horses galloping. Passengers are like participating in a horse race.

The luxury carousel is beautiful in shape, beautiful, colorful, decorated with mirrors and lights, especially beautiful at night. The shape of the amusement equipment is like a rotating crown. When the carousel is spinning, tourists ride on the colorful and different shapes of the carousel to gallop and jump, with four hooves shining, as if they are in a fairy tale world like a fairyland, like galloping on the grassland, and the instant dream begins to reach the infinite sky. let go.

What is Easy Carousel?

The simple carousel is compact and suitable for movement. It is easy to maintain and take care of, and it is suitable for placement in frequently moving places.

The difference between luxury carousel and simple carousel

Ceiling Cornice decoration Large plate decoration Chassis decoration Lantern decoration

Easy Carousel

Luxury carousel: FRP trim

Now do you know the difference between luxury Trojans and suggested Trojans? I hope today's article can help you and help you solve your questions. If you still have questions, please feel free to consult.
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