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What is the process of purchasing equipment in the peak season of purchasing amusement equipment-Xuchang Chuangyi Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-26
What is the process of purchasing equipment in the peak season of purchasing amusement equipment? 431 times 2019-05-18 14:15:06 Recently, the weather has slowly warmed up, and everyone has started to come out to play. At this time, the business of amusement equipment in various places is getting better and better. Some friends saw business opportunities and wanted to invest in several amusement equipment. Generally, we conduct market research to understand equipment before investing. At this time, the general buyer will consult the amusement equipment manufacturer or search for some information about the amusement equipment online. Careful friends will find that amusement equipment is also divided into free amusement equipment and special amusement equipment. Now in the peak season of purchasing amusement equipment, what is the process of purchasing amusement equipment?

1. To buy amusement equipment, you must first select the product you want to buy. Project funding can be selected through the amusement equipment manufacturer's website or on-site inspection, and the conditions of commodity price, size, land occupation and power demand are determined to facilitate planning and construction of the user's location.

2. Sign the order contract and pay the deposit in advance. When it comes to the intent of purchasing amusement equipment with amusement equipment manufacturers, it is necessary to enter into an order contract with the manufacturer. First of all, it is necessary to check whether the manufacturer's business license is related to the production of goods under natural conditions. Careful review of contract terms can protect the rights of users, specific parameters of the product, time limits for production, and especially after-sales terms. After the contract is signed, the manufacturer will pay a deposit according to the contract, usually 30% of the total value of the goods. For most children's play equipment, the balance is usually the full payment after production is complete. Once the contract is signed, there is one place to contact freight directly. If it is not in stock, you can go back to the power plant and wait for the manufacturer to let you know.

3. The method of transporting the goods and the price of the freight. After the product is completed, it is necessary to contact the transportation company or logistics company to deliver the goods to the destination. Usually, the manufacturer will assist the user to contact the freight department or logistics, and the user can also contact them. Some users buy products for children's play equipment, which are attributed to FRP and painted parts. Selecting the vehicle the trucking company is looking for can be used to reduce damage from backing up or in transit during delivery.
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