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What maintenance work does the amusement equipment need to do regularly?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-19
What maintenance work does the amusement equipment need to do regularly?

2022/2/22 3:17:17

How is the maintenance of amusement equipment carried out? With the rapid development of the domestic and global economy, people's pursuit of leisure and entertainment has also begun to grow, and the exciting amusement projects are obviously more popular.

During the normal operation of the amusement equipment, it needs to be regularly maintained. Because the machine has a certain lifespan, if the daily maintenance is proper, the life of the amusement equipment can be appropriately extended, so the regular inspection is used as a Operators must complete, so in addition to inspections, what maintenance needs to be done regularly? And how to troubleshoot it? Next, the editor of Golden Horse Amusement Equipment will introduce it to you!

1. Inspection of equipment

The inspection of children's amusement equipment is divided into three parts: daily inspection, regular inspection and special inspection. The daily inspection is to check the sound, vibration, temperature, oil pressure, etc. of the key parts of the equipment in operation every day by the operator on duty, and record the inspection results in the inspection card. Regular inspection is to check the performance of children's amusement equipment with special testing instrument tools at certain time intervals. Special inspection refers to the use of special instruments and tools for the detection of specific items of equipment to inspect the equipment.

2. Regular inspection of children's play equipment

During the operation of children's amusement equipment, in addition to the daily inspection of the children's amusement equipment by the operator, the user should also organize professional and technical personnel to regularly check the facilities. The problems detected should be solved in time to avoid running with diseases.

The maintenance system of children's amusement equipment is generally divided into three-level maintenance system: daily maintenance, primary maintenance, and secondary maintenance. In addition, the spot inspection system is an advanced maintenance and management method for children's amusement equipment, and it is a method for frequent inspection and key control of some key parts that affect the normal operation of the equipment.

1. The regular maintenance of children's play equipment is the basis of maintenance work, which is characterized by regularization and institutionalization. Routine maintenance includes maintenance before shift, after shift and during operation. The main contents include: do a good job of cleaning and sanitation, regularly refuel the equipment, tighten loose screws and parts, check the equipment for oil leakage, air leakage, electricity leakage, etc., and check whether the children's play equipment has pests, corrosion and other phenomena.

2. The primary maintenance of children's amusement equipment is to make the equipment meet the requirements of neatness, cleanliness, lubrication and ān quán, reduce the wear and tear of the equipment, the hidden dangers of the equipment, eliminate the small faults, and keep the equipment in a normal state. The contents of the first-level maintenance of the equipment include: disassemble and clean some parts and components, remove the oil stains on the surface of the equipment, check and adjust the lubricating oil circuit, and keep it unobstructed.

3. The secondary maintenance of children's play equipment is to extend the service life of children's play equipment, make the children's play equipment reach the standard of integrity, and maintain the integrity rate of the equipment. The content of the secondary maintenance of the equipment is: according to the use of the equipment, part or all of the dismantling inspection or cleaning, overhauling the various parts and lines of the equipment, repairing and replacing the damaged parts.
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