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What mechanical failures may occur in the operation of large amusement equipment, and how to maintain and repair?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-22
What mechanical failures may occur in the operation of large amusement equipment, and how to maintain and repair?

2021/9/26 8:32:19

What mechanical failures may occur in the operation of large amusement equipment, and how to maintain and repair?

1. Chain jitter. Large-scale amusement equipment may be caused by loose chain, excessive load or inflexible chain link or links; the solution is to install chain tensioner or adjustable center distance, if possible, reduce the load.

Second, the chain plate fatigue. When the load is too large and exceeds the fatigue limit of the chain plate, the chain plate will suffer fatigue failure, and tiny cracks will be generated around the hole until it breaks; the solution is to reduce the load or replace the chain with a large bearing capacity.

3. The sprocket teeth are worn. If there is obvious wear on both sides of the sprocket teeth, it is because the transmission alignment is not good. If there is a 'bend groove', it means that the wear is excessive and the sprocket should be replaced. You can also install the sprocket in reverse so that the lightly worn side faces the chain. The sprockets should be replaced together with the chain.

Fourth, the pin shaft wear. The cause of pin wear may be due to insufficient lubrication. Always check whether there is abrasive in the lubricating oil or change the lubrication method.

Fifth, the chain and the sprocket do not cooperate well. If the chain does not cooperate well with the sprocket, it may be that the hinge of the chain is worn and the pitch is elongated. If there is a tooth skipping phenomenon, the chain should be replaced in time. If the sprocket is worn, it should be replaced to avoid damage to the new chain.

Sixth, the chain plate side grinding. If the inner surface of the inner chain link is severely worn, it means that the transmission is not aligned; the solution is to check the alignment of the shaft and the sprocket. If there is no problem with the installation, you can observe whether the rigidity is caused by excessive load deformation during operation. insufficient.

Seven, pin gluing. The pin shaft gluing is generally caused by insufficient oil supply. If only one end is glued, check the installation of the shaft and the sprocket, whether the shaft is parallel, whether the sprocket is coplanar, and whether the shaft and the sprocket move during operation.

8. The chain tension is abnormal. The tension of the chain is related to the sagging distance of the loose edge of the chain. For horizontal and inclined transmission with adjustable center distance, the sag of the loose edge of the chain should be about 2% of the center distance. Make the chain more tense.

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