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What new amusement equipment are there in outdoor playgrounds?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-01
What new amusement equipment are there in outdoor playgrounds?

2022/3/17 10:39:16

A good amusement equipment can bring huge passenger flow and repeat customers to the amusement park. Therefore, it is very important to choose suitable amusement park equipment. A friend asked me, what kind of amusement equipment is suitable for theme amusement parks?

Amusement parks have always been children's holy places and paradises. There are not only happy but also many new amusement equipment to make all children feel happy and happy. The prosperous domestic tourism market directly promotes the rapid development of new amusement equipment! So, what kind of fun new amusement equipment does the outdoor playground in the scenic spot have?

1. Ferris wheel

The Ferris wheel is the iconic amusement equipment of the scenic playground, and it will be taken into account by all large-scale outdoor playgrounds. Passengers in twos and threes (parent-child family members, couples or friends) sit in the pods, and with the rotation of the Ferris wheel, they slowly rise to the sky, and the surrounding scenery is unobstructed. Slow and steady rise and fall, high-level exciting experience, this is a new type of amusement equipment suitable for all ages.

2. Bumper cars

Driving in life requires us to be careful at all times and avoid bumps, which invisibly gives us a sense of restraint and depression. The appearance of bumper cars solves this problem very well. Bumper car is a fun amusement facility, free to drive, free to collide, no driver's license, no responsibility for collision, enjoy the exciting and joyful collision experience.

3. Fruit Flying Chair

Fruit flying chair, also called watermelon flying chair, fruit whirlwind, is a brand-new flying chair amusement facility. Its fresh and natural fruit shapes, beautiful and bright fruit colors and exciting and joyful game forms stimulate players' nerves all the time, setting off a frenzy of fruit-themed amusement park equipment. With the cut watermelon as the seat, there is an oversized fruit bowl on the top, all kinds of delicious fruits rotate with the equipment, it is really beautiful and dizzying.

4. Mini Shuttle

The new children's play equipment running on the meandering interchange tracks, and the vehicles composed of mini shuttles generally have beautiful appearance, different styles or can be customized. A small train rises and falls along the track, shuttles on the flyover bridge with modern signs, colorful lights flicker, happy dynamic sound, dizzying cartoon pictures, players experience the thrill of going over mountains and mountains.

5. Candy Trapeze Spinning Trampoline

Candy Flying Trampoline Rotating Trampoline, 360-degree Electric Rotating Trampoline, Free Bouncing, Tumbling, Improve Children's Limb Coordination, Improve Joint Flexibility, Enhance Upper and Lower Limb Movement Strength, etc. At the same time, children can cultivate the perseverance quality of self-confidence, bravery and not afraid of challenges in the happy and relaxed bounce. The new amusement equipment Candy Flying Trampoline adopts remote control intelligent control, the rope height is automatically adjusted, and adults and children can play together.

6. Spin the Bounce Tower

It has an unparalleled effect on the ability to absorb gold. It has a complex design and structure, and has a high running height. Riding on it is as exciting and fun as stepping on all items under your feet. Tourists ride on the seats, and with the high-speed rotation of the equipment, they rise to an altitude of 20 meters, bringing tourists thrills and excitement. It is a must-have for young men and women.

7. Big Pendulum

The 'big pendulum' amusement machine is a new type of amusement equipment in which the passenger part swings around the horizontal axis and at the same time rotates around the center of the turntable. The turntable is equipped with seats, and the passengers face the outer ring seat for a circle. You can also enjoy the distant scenery, which is very popular with tourists.

Jinma Amusement has a good business environment, a mature operation mode and a high-quality construction team. It integrates popular landscape concepts and traditional Chinese garden landscape ideas, and has completed the design and construction of many projects. Over the past ten years, it has served 1,000 people around the world. Many large theme amusement parks, and provide long-term operation guidance and new product supporting services for many amusement parks. For many case customers, please inquire and understand.
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