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What outdoor amusement equipment is fun?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-01
What outdoor amusement equipment is fun?

2021/9/24 3:14:40

Amusement equipment is divided into outdoor amusement equipment and indoor amusement equipment, so which outdoor amusement equipment is fun?

There are many interesting outdoor amusement equipment, such as carousel, sliding, small train, and self-controlled aircraft. Some of these types of products have novel designs.

The 16-seater carousel is suitable for adults and children to ride together. It is very happy to ride the horses in the beautiful music. Sea cruising and mini-speeding are sliding amusement park equipment. The cockpit slides back and forth on the curved track and rotates 360 degrees, which is thrilling and can exercise the courage of passengers. Track and chase, coaster, and cartoon train are the best-selling products of Henan Shiqi Amusement, especially the coaster, which is beautiful in appearance.
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