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Working principle of playground equipment rotary lift

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-25
Working principle of playground equipment rotary lift

2021/9/23 11:19:28

Rotary elevator is also known as self-controlled aircraft. Golden Horse Amusement has: 32 people to spread their wings, 24 people to interstellar travel, 24 people to control the plane and so on.

The self-control plane is a kind of amusement equipment that moves up and down around the vertical axis and rotates around the center of the rocket. The plane rotates around the rocket seed center, and the tourists can control the plane to rotate and lift at will, allowing tourists to experience the fun of the plane more realistically. There are realistic sound effects, so that tourists can't extricate themselves from it for a long time. Moreover, the amusement equipment is easy to operate and has excellent performance. It can better attract customers to play and experience in the past.

The 24-person parent-child interactive amusement equipment - Interstellar Crossing, the operation mode is not much different from the traditional automatic control aircraft, but the appearance is very different. The shape of interstellar travel is similar to that of an aviation cockpit. When you ride on it, especially when the seat is raised to the extreme, your vision is like the difference between the earth and space.

The self-control aircraft amusement equipment has a novel structure and beautiful appearance. There are three common specifications of six-arm, eight-arm and ten-arm. Each arm can seat two people. fade.

The self-controlled air pressure aircraft not only has excellent performance and is easy to operate, but also is decorated with novel shapes, gorgeous and charming lanterns, and realistic air combat sound effects of the word machine. It has the thrill of high-altitude driving, and the leisure of Ziyou. It is a kind of amusement equipment that tourists can control up and down by themselves.

Golden Horse Amusement Facilities Co., Ltd., classic amusement equipment: 42-meter Ferris wheel, time and space shuttle, Transformers (IP facilities), large pendulum, pirate ship, Shenzhou flying saucer, family roller coaster, rotating space shuttle, high-altitude flying, battery/ground net bumper car, Luxury carousel (single/deck), swinging chair, etc.

New amusement equipment in 2020: Auspicious Three Treasures (a set of equipment has three floors, including the bumper car area on the bottom floor/carousel area on the second floor/luxury flying chair on the third floor), 70-meter rocket launch, high-altitude moon viewing, orbital sightseeing car, 48 strays Earth, Crazy Express, Sky Dizzy, etc.
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