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Advantages of children's amusement equipment in the community- 

by:Jinma Rides     2021-08-08
Nowadays, squares and parks in some places are not allowed to put children's amusement equipment, so there are more and more indoor children's playgrounds. Many people who have just started to operate indoor children's parks choose the venues of indoor children's parks in shopping malls or large supermarkets because of the large flow of people. At the same time, because of the good location, the rents in many places are very expensive, so that the profit space of the indoor children's park is not too large in the later period. Nowadays, many people open indoor children's parks in community stores, so indoor children's park community stores are a big trend. NS? The target customers of the indoor children's park are children between 6 months and 10 years old. For such a target customer group, it is definitely not feasible to open the indoor children's park in the old community. Only the new community has more children. So how many people can support an indoor children's playground? Through a large amount of survey data, it can be seen that as long as there are 1,000 households in the surrounding area, an indoor children's playground of 100 square meters can be supported. So what are the advantages of opening an indoor children's playground in the community and in the shopping mall: 1: There are many fixed customers. Most people in the mall are mobile customers, and a few are fixed customers, but the main profit direction of indoor children's parks is still fixed customers. 2: The rent is cheap. The rent in many shopping malls has reached several hundred yuan per square meter per month, while the rent for community stores only needs tens of yuan. 3: Staff wages are low The wages of employees in shopping malls are generally much higher than those of community stores. 4: Easy to publicize. Because of the large number of regular customers, community stores have 2-3 communities. Through flyers or advertisements, Moments can be promoted in place. 5: The frequency of play is high. Because many parents work during the day and rarely have the opportunity to take their children out to play, the frequency of playing in the indoor children's playground with their children is relatively high when they come home from get off work at night. Nowadays, many people open indoor children's parks in the community. I believe it is also a big trend to open indoor children's parks in community stores in the future.
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