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Amusement equipment manufacturers tell you what is the importance of the location of the amusement park

by:Jinma Rides     2022-02-19
Amusement equipment manufacturers tell you what is the importance of the location of the amusement park

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In recent years, more and more entrepreneurs have set their sights on amusement parks, and various themed amusement parks have sprung up, adding a touch of bright color to children's colorful childhood, accompanying them Happy growth has also allowed entrepreneurs to successfully obtain wealth. So, what is the importance of choosing the location of the amusement park? The editor of the amusement equipment manufacturer provides you with some industry experience:

Generally speaking, stores in second- and third-tier cities are easier to operate than in big cities. Because there are many shopping malls in big cities, and many shopping malls have the project of children's playgrounds, the passenger flow is relatively scattered. In addition, the rent is high and the salary of the salesperson is also high. Even if the business is good, it is not necessarily a total profit. On the other hand, in second- and third-tier cities, if the park is relatively high-end, and it is located in a local iconic shopping mall or store, the whole city will know this park, and children basically have no other place to choose. At the same time, the rents in second- and third-tier cities are cheap and labor is low, but they are much better than big cities.

1. Areas with high frequency of commercial activities. Such areas are usually commercial centers and downtown areas, where commercial activities are frequent and the turnover must be relatively high. Shop-in-shops in shopping malls belong to this type. At the same time, the National Fire Protection Law stipulates that it is not recommended to operate children's playgrounds between the first floor and the third floor.

2. Areas with high population density. If you open a store near a large area, the population is relatively concentrated and the population density is high. The frequency of parents bringing their children to visit is relatively high, and the business is easy to do. In this type of area, there are people of all ages and social classes. There will be more customers when operating children's amusement equipment. Moreover, due to the large flow of population, it is easy to apply for membership cards, so sales will not be high. The sudden rise and fall can ensure the quick return of the store's cash flow.

3. The city center with high passenger flow. Children's playgrounds are located on such streets, with a large flow of passengers, and relatively many people visit the amusement park. However, it is necessary to consider which side of the street has the most traffic, and also consider the impact of terrain or traffic when choosing a location. There is a lot of passenger traffic for several, but if it is a major traffic road and all traffic is vehicles, it is not a good choice for a children's playground.

4. A block where similar shops gather. For optional products such as children's playgrounds, if they can be concentrated in a certain area or block, they will be more able to attract customers. Because there are better stores dealing with similar products, such as baby stores, children's clothing stores, etc., customers can have more opportunities to compare and choose here.

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