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Amusement equipment needs to do a lot of preparatory work before installation

by:Jinma Rides     2022-10-26
Amusement equipment needs to do a lot of preparatory work 190 times before installation , But many investors are thinking of making money, and they don’t know much about the amusement equipment, they don’t understand the operation, and they don’t understand the pre-installation. They always feel that they can install it directly without any equipment. But this This idea is wrong, because most equipment requires a lot of preparation before installation, and different amusement equipment has different preparations when it is installed. Amusement has summarized three points for you, let's take a look.

1. Small amusement equipment

Small amusement equipment also requires some preparation, at least the ground must be leveled (except for special equipment), and some equipment needs to be based on the terrain For leveling, such as the rainbow slide, if the ground is flat, it must have a slope. If it is flat, it needs to be padded or directly erected with a steel frame to achieve the installation of the facility.

Second, medium and large amusement equipment

It is necessary to carry out construction according to the equipment's foundation plan, and to explore the soil quality, which is for the stability of the equipment in the future, such as the Ferris wheel For equipment such as roller coasters, the larger the size, the higher the requirements for this aspect. Even the medium-sized equipment needs to be grounded, and a special inspection company must issue a qualification certificate to install the equipment normally, and the cycle is not short.

3. Other amusement equipment

Other amusement equipment is more or less in demand, just like simple battery cars and other equipment, at least it must be leveled after hardening You can only run on the road.

So, before purchasing equipment, you must consult to see if the equipment has special installation requirements. Even if there is no installation requirement, it depends on whether you need to do preparatory work in advance, so as not to waste too much. Time, or I didn’t ask, I feel that the leveling of the site will cost too much money in the later stage, so we must pay attention to this area, especially for large-scale equipment. The preliminary preparations also cost a lot of money to avoid unnecessary problems.
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