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Children's playground equipment selection skills: the right one is the best

by:Jinma Rides     2022-01-25

Children's amusement parks have become a necessity in children's daily life! Indoor children's playgrounds are favored by more and more investment entrepreneurs due to their low risk, strong controllability, quick results, and generous returns. How much does it cost to join the indoor children's playground? The children's playground equipment configuration of amusement equipment manufacturers, what kind of children's playground equipment is better to choose? This is what every children's playground franchisee wants to know. 1. Operating area The configuration of children's indoor amusement equipment directly affects the income of children's amusement parks. Remember that indoor children's play equipment does not match the operating area. For example, 'big equipment on a small site'. In the indoor children's playground, some children's amusement equipment covers an area of u200bu200b40 to 50 square meters. If your business area is a total of 100 square meters, it is obviously not suitable. In this case, it is recommended to configure more small children's video game amusement equipment. 2. Dynamic or static Many children's indoor amusement equipment can be roughly divided into two categories, dynamic and static amusement facilities. Dynamic children's indoor play equipment is more popular in the market because it is more entertaining and interactive. But in terms of investment cost, dynamic amusement equipment is higher than static. 3. Market characteristics The investment of children's playground equipment should be determined according to the needs of market consumer groups. For example, the main consumer groups of your children's indoor amusement park are children aged 1-8, then the characteristics of the children's indoor amusement park equipment you invest in and buy need the behavior characteristics of children aged 1-8. Children's playground facilities that are too difficult are not suitable for this stage of the crowd. Fourth, do what you can

The amount of investment in children's indoor play equipment should be done according to one's ability. Amusement equipment manufacturers remind everyone that less investment in indoor amusement equipment does not mean less money; more investment does not mean more money. Among the franchisees of indoor children's parks, there are many cases of small venues relying on small investment to earn big returns. Some people joined and made a lot of money in just half a year, and some even opened several branches.
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