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Every piece of equipment external to the amusement equipment should be safe-

by:Jinma Rides     2022-10-26
 Every piece of equipment outside the amusement equipment should be safe  778 times 2019-08-12 10:46:14  Every piece of equipment outside the amusement equipment should be safe. Material selection, environmental protection, etc. should be the concerns of manufacturers and investors. The goal of entertainment equipment selection information is 'fineness' and 'quality.' All materials, such as fiberglass, plastic, soft bags and other materials are environmentally friendly, without any breathing, children's health and safety, as well as children's life and entertainment are prudent. Teaching and entertainment are also integrated, allowing children to indulge, learn to be happy, and make children environmentally friendly.
As the pace of the system becomes more and more stringent, with the in-depth promotion of the theme of social environmental protection, amusement equipment will only develop in both directions of environmental protection and safety. In the same way, as long as it is invested in such entertainment equipment, it can be profitable in the long term.
This nickname riding not only pays attention to the environmental protection and safety of amusement equipment, but also carries out a lot of spiritual upgrades to the equipment. The goal is to let the children stick to the equipment that is kept continuously, increase the fun of the players, and bring more recurring costs.
Most amusement equipment is illuminated by lighting. These lights have no function. Therefore, compared with outdoor amusement equipment, indoor amusement equipment needs people to clean. If this is not the case, what remains on the indoor amusement equipment will not disappear for a long time, and the reproduction is still very strong, which is very important for the healthy growth of children.
So, the staff of the amusement equipment will have to work hard. Before the amusement equipment is put into operation every day, or after the amusement equipment is completed, the amusement equipment should be widely used so that there is no hiding place. For the riders who often come into contact with riders, such as gyros, bouncers and other vehicles, the staff should carry out these amusement equipment.
For syrups used in entertainment equipment, iodine and alcohol are recommended. Generally, iodine still has a stronger effect than alcohol. The amusement equipment should be scrubbed in multiple directions to prevent the remaining parts from being scrubbed. The amusement equipment is cleaned twice a day for better results.
Polypropylene material. If the floor mat of children's amusement equipment is made of polypropylene material, the cost performance is very high, because polypropylene material is relatively cheap; acrylic material. If the children's play equipment chooses acrylic pad, it will be softer, but it has poor wear resistance.
Polyester material. The material pad is also excellent in abrasion resistance and heat resistance; nylon material. The mat of this material has better abrasion resistance and is easier to clean, but has the disadvantage of being easily deformed.
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