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If the amusement equipment has lights, please be sure to turn it on

by:Jinma Rides     2021-08-15
 If the amusement equipment has lights, please be sure to turn it on    If your amusement equipment has audio, please be sure to turn it on. Some operators suspected that the sound would be noisy to themselves. Listening to the same song every day can be annoying for a long time. The best way is to buy an earplug to plug your ears.
If your small playground equipment has lights, be sure to turn them on. Some lights are designed for daytime use. It is designed by entertainment equipment manufacturers to attract customers. Please open them when opening businesses. Don't save a few dollars in electricity bills.
People are not so open. If the weather is good during business hours, please turn the device around. One purpose is to check the operation of the equipment, and the second purpose is to let customers know that your equipment can be used. When the number of people in the ride is small, you can wait appropriately, but there is no need to wait until the person is full and open, and the patience of the person is limited.
Keep the equipment clean and tidy. Whether your small playground equipment is new or old, keep the equipment clean and free of dust, leaves, etc. If your device is playing with water, please keep the water quality good and change the water regularly. For example, if you go to Shark Island, if the water quality deteriorates, it will ruin the mood of tourists and severely damage the equipment. In a good environment, you can change the water every 1-2 months. In places with lots of leaves and dust, you may need to change the water within 15 days.
Willing to suffer losses, allowing tourists to take advantage of small. The use of psychology is a pleasure commonly pursued by customers. Some customers like to play with equipment. When people are young, they can play twice for twice as much money. If the boat has been playing for a few minutes, please do not add money. This will increase the stickiness of the customer and ensure that he wants to come next time. Play, or introduce his friends to play.
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