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Investing in bumper cars, do you know how to choose a venue?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-31
Investing in bumper cars, do you know how to choose a venue?

2021/9/22 10:45:23

Now the amusement industry is becoming more and more popular, especially children's amusement equipment is very popular in the market. The main reason is that people's living standards have improved, parents have also attached great importance to children's entertainment, and children have more time to go out on holidays and play. So why is there always a crowd of people in the holiday playground, so many people will invest in the bumper car industry, then invest in bumper cars, do you know how to choose a venue? Next, Golden Horse Amusement Equipment will explain to you how to choose a bumper car venue.

Investing in bumper cars How to choose a venue

1. Comprehensive supermarkets Comprehensive supermarkets eat, drink, and play, and they are very popular. They are especially suitable for investing in indoor children's amusement equipment, especially for bumper car amusement equipment.

2. Community Investing in bumper cars near the community is definitely a must. There are high consumer groups near the community and they also pay more attention to children's entertainment life. It is a golden treasure for investing in children's play equipment bumper cars.

3. Park Plaza With the help of Park Plaza, it is a place for people's entertainment and leisure, and the flow of people will naturally not be low. It is characterized by a large flow of people and concentrated consumer groups. It is also one of the main venues for key investment in bumper car amusement equipment.

As a well-known amusement equipment manufacturer in Guangdong, Jinma was originally known as a bumper car manufacturer, producing indoor children's amusement equipment. After continuous development, it began to develop outdoor children's amusement equipment and outdoor land large-scale amusement equipment. Today, Jinma Amusement Equipment has an independent product research and development center, which can launch more than 10 series of new products every year. Once listed, it has been well received by the market and peers.
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