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What are the amusement equipment that can be selected in the amusement park? luxury carousel

by:Jinma Rides     2022-02-21
What are the amusement equipment that can be selected in the amusement park? luxury carousel

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Many investors think of opening a children's amusement park when choosing a project.

As the saying goes: Whoever earns the best money belongs to women and children. The children's amusement park is simple to operate and the cost is not high, so it is very suitable for investment and entrepreneurship.

However, due to inexperience, what kind of amusement equipment should be introduced in children's amusement parks? Generally, which kind of equipment is better? Many people do not understand this kind of problem. Today, the editor of the luxury carousel manufacturer will introduce it to you.

Most of the tourists in children's amusement parks are parent-child groups, so when introducing equipment, it is natural to choose products that children like and parent-child. First of all, let's take a look at the main products of children's amusement parks.

Track trains include amphibious vehicles, 14-seat children's track trains, and laser chariots.

Track skating, such as ice and snow pirate ship, twin-peak BMW speeder, mini single-peak speeder surfing, etc.

Self-control lifts, such as self-control small planes, magic castles, interstellar racing cars, etc.

Carousel, such as European luxury carousel, 12-seat princess carousel, ocean carousel, etc.

Rotation, such as carp playing in the water, rotating flying chair, carp jumping over the dragon gate, etc.

So what kind of equipment do the amusement equipment need to introduce? Which equipment has a large proportion of play? In fact, as long as you go to some prosperous amusement parks, you will find that the style and fun of the amusement equipment determine the business of the amusement park. bad an important factor.

The editor of the luxury carousel manufacturer will introduce you to some of the more popular equipment on the market. You can refer to it.

Ocean Carousel

The underwater world is used as the shape, and the overall tone is mainly blue. The interior is equipped with a seahorse, a dolphin ride, and a shell car. The main thing is a beautiful mermaid princess sleeping on top. This carousel can meet the needs of parent-child amusement in terms of appearance and value. Children in their teens, down to toddlers, can ride.

Star Racing

Absorbed the characteristics of traditional self-controlled rotating equipment with strong interest and high occupancy rate, while incorporating futuristic sci-fi elements and new structural functions. At the same time, in order to be able to break the routine, the product has changed the traditional interactive experience: a cockpit platform that integrates multiple degrees of freedom, giving passengers a different, fresher and more exciting way of playing.

Therefore, before purchasing the equipment of the amusement park, you must first understand the styles and trends of the latest equipment, so as to make the equipment of the amusement park more competitive and popular with the public.
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