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What are the amusement equipment with fast investment income for playground projects?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-25
What are the amusement equipment with fast investment income for playground projects?

2021/9/22 10:32:05

For those who invest in playground equipment, the concern is the investment income of amusement equipment, so what kind of amusement equipment investment income is faster? Let's discuss with the editor which amusement equipment has the fastest investment returns, and give amusement park investors a shrewd choice!

Now many people invest in amusement equipment, and many people invest in amusement equipment. What are the amusement equipment with fast investment income? From the perspective of the size of the venue, there are indoor amusement equipment, large outdoor playgrounds, and children's playgrounds in the mall.

1. Indoor amusement equipment

Small and medium-sized operators cannot purchase large-scale amusement equipment due to cost constraints, so it is a good choice to choose according to their own economic strength. Among the small and medium-sized investors, many of them choose themed indoor amusement equipment. The investment cost is small, it is very distinctive, and it is very popular with children. The forest and ocean series are currently very popular amusement equipment.

2. Large playground

Because the economic benefits of new amusement equipment are very high, we can choose more expensive equipment, which is usually more popular with children. At the same time, large playgrounds are often played by families or multiple friends, so the choice of amusement equipment should take this into consideration and choose equipment that can be played by many people at the same time. Large-scale playgrounds have large venues. In order to better meet the needs of tourists, buy as many amusement equipment as possible.

3. Children's playground in the mall

For children's playgrounds in shopping malls, small and low-priced new amusement equipment will be more suitable, because this kind of children's playground is usually to attract customers, not to make money through amusement equipment, and children's planes are very suitable. mall.
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