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What are the factors that affect the safety of amusement park equipment?

by:Jinma Rides     2021-08-19

How to ensure the safe operation of equipment in amusement parks is a question that every company has been thinking about. For tourists, no matter where they go to play, the first consideration is safety. As a large-scale playground, the safety of amusement park equipment is the prerequisite and guarantee for all actions. Without safety, there is nothing. So, what are the factors that affect the safe operation of amusement park equipment?

1. After the manufacturer produces a product, it always goes through a series of procedures such as transportation, installation, and operation, so its structural rigidity and strength need to meet the safety requirements. In addition, relevant personnel should pay attention to mastering product-related knowledge proficiently, and handle it with care.

2. For some new amusement equipment, it needs electric control part. In order to reduce hidden dangers, attention should be paid to strictly abide by industry regulations, and physical properties meet safety requirements.

3. The materials used in the product, whether it is metal or non-metal, must be safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and so on. Regular inspection and maintenance should be carried out as far as possible in normal times, so that the equipment can operate normally and reduce unnecessary losses.

4. For some of its other important devices, such as mechanical transmission devices, hydraulic and pneumatic devices, stroke and limit devices, braking devices and safety devices, etc., they should also meet safety requirements.
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