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What are the new popular children's amusement facilities?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-02-11
What are the hottest new children's amusement facilities?

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What are the popular new children's amusement facilities at present?


Which new children's amusement facilities are popular now, I believe it is a question that every investor wants to know, because the choice of amusement facilities is directly related to their profit, so choose a popular amusement facility It is very important. Today, the editor will introduce to you several new children's amusement facilities that are more popular now. I hope it will help you when you choose!

New children's amusement facilities

1. Colorful slide amusement facilities: The main development direction of this equipment is the development of the network volcano. Many people can see the popularity of this facility and immediately start investing in this piece, and the investment cost is not very large, but It can achieve a very popular effect. This equipment is worth considering investment, but it needs to have enough venues;

2. Meniscus Floating Car: This is an amusement facility that is more suitable for indoor operation. At the same time, it occupies a small area and the investment cost is much lower than other mechanical amusement equipment. The safety is very high and the attraction to children is very strong, so this device is very suitable for operators to invest;

In addition, the popularity of amusement facilities such as trackless trains, carousels, and bumper cars is also very high. These devices are very different in terms of gameplay, footprint and price. If you want to choose one that suits you The amusement facilities you operate still need to be selected according to your actual situation!
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