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What does luxury carousel mean?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-02-05
What does luxury carousel mean?

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  Children like to ride on luxury carousel. In many fairy tales or children's programs, you will see fantastic luxury carousel. This is also the amusement equipment that children love, but what exactly is luxury carousel? Luxury carousel , refers to this kind of equipment, including Trojan horses, turntable horse machines, turntable horses and so on. As the name suggests, the carousel is to turn, not only to turn but also to go up and down. Carousel is generally made of glass fiber reinforced plastic material, which has the characteristics of environmental protection, safety, corrosion resistance and good stability, and can be customized according to site conditions. The carousel is suitable for densely populated places such as parks and playgrounds, children's palaces, living squares, and communities.

  1. Appearance of luxurious carousel

  Luxury carousel has beautiful appearance, colorful lights and wonderful music. The first impression of customers is very important, which is often said to be 'preconceived'. In today's fierce market competition, whose carousel is better Attracting the attention of customers will inevitably bring a lot of business. Whether the appearance of the amusement equipment is attractive is the first factor. ,

  2. Quality of luxury carousel

  The quality of the luxury carousel is the most important thing. Any amusement equipment cannot guarantee the quality of the customer. Everything is in vain. Safety accidents are not only a matter of making money, but a matter of losing money. In order to attract customers for a long time, the product quality must be excellent.

  3. Motor selection

   The core of the entire luxury carousel, if the motor is not up to standard, unqualified, if a carousel is fully seated according to the rated occupants, it may not be able to carry, if it is forced to drive, the incidental result is a tire blowout, Motor capacitors are burned out, which is a very bad phenomenon for both customers and operators.

  4. Design of transmission connecting rod

   Whether it is an upper drive or a lower drive, the drive is an important part after the motor, and the core of this part is the connecting rod. All the ups and downs of the two rows of carousel are supported by the connecting rod. The rod part must be able to adjust the unbalance when the carousel rotates, so as to avoid the broken link caused by the unadjustable.

  5. Whether the accessories are qualified

  If the electrical accessories are not produced by regular manufacturers, the indicators in all aspects cannot be met. Even if there is a problem, even if the loss is not discussed, it will affect the business of the operator to a certain extent. If the manufacturer's warranty period is longer than the accessory's warranty period, it is definitely a false promise, because no manufacturer will exchange the accessory for you for free outside the warranty period.

  6. Judging from the analysis of paint

   The paint effect must be fresh, bright and light when it leaves the factory. FRP products, only the special paint for automobiles can achieve such an effect. If the paint effect is dull, the workmanship is very rough, and the wind and the sun will be exposed for less than half a year, it must be Fading, because the preliminary work is not done well, the later effect must be very poor. The decoration of a carousel is all about the glass fiber reinforced plastic part, so the paint must be fine, fine and bright.
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