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What is the aging process of children's amusement equipment factory?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-10-10
What is the aging process of children's amusement equipment factory?

2021/9/24 11:04:38

Now there are a lot of children's amusement equipment, and children's amusement equipment needs to experience aging, so what are the aging processes of children's amusement equipment factories?

(1) During the running-in period of the children's play equipment. The surface of the new collision pair has a certain roughness, and the actual touch area is very small. Therefore, when the running-in begins, the wear is very rapid. As the running-in continues, the rough surface bumps are gradually worn away. The actual touch area gradually increases, the surface becomes smoother and flatter, and the wear rate gradually decreases. When it reaches a certain level, it tends to be stable, and now is the end of the running-in period. The amount of wear during this period is called the early wear period.

During the run-in period, everyone consciously uses the minor wear during this period to create conditions for stable wear and tear in normal operation. During this period, for equipment that has not been run-in, the rules of load reduction, deceleration, and reasonable operation should be abide by, and the viscosity should be higher. In addition, in order to shorten the running-in period, appropriate technology can be selected to improve the utilization rate of the equipment. After the running-in is completed, clean the lubricating system and use the lubricating oil that meets the quality requirements.

(2) Stable running-in period. This period is the normal operation period. After running-in, the friction surface is work hardened. The microscopic geometry changes, and the wear is slow and stable. In the later period of this period, due to metal fatigue, the wear is relatively accelerated, but it is still possible Continuous operation. When the fatigue limit of the metal is approached, the machine should be repaired regularly to prevent the machine from causing major mechanical accidents due to excessive wear and tear.

(3) During the period of severe wear and tear of children's amusement equipment. During this period, because the metal outer layer basically reaches the fatigue limit, the conflict conditions undergo major changes (such as a sharp increase in temperature, a significant change in the surface metal structure, a change in the microscopic geometry, and an increase in voids). The wear rate increases sharply, the mechanical efficiency decreases, the precision is lost, abnormal noise and vibration occur, and the mechanical properties of the material are changed, which eventually leads to the failure of the parts and must be repaired.
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