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What kind of amusement equipment is suitable for outdoor children's playground?

by:Jinma Rides     2021-08-22
Recently, many friends are asking about what amusement equipment needs to be placed in an outdoor children's playground, what kind of amusement equipment is more attractive to children, how to choose the playground's venue and business model, and how to charge. Today, we will share it with you. Because the outdoor playground is open-air, try to choose some FRP amusement equipment, do not choose plastic equipment, because plastic equipment is easy to fade after sun exposure and it is not easy to repair if plastic equipment is damaged. FRP equipment is not protected from sunlight and rain. Can affect, it is more suitable for outdoor playground. There are many FRP amusement equipment, which can be divided into rotating amusement equipment, lifting amusement equipment, electric amusement equipment, and track amusement equipment according to different operation modes and functions. Therefore, in the selection of outdoor amusement equipment, all types of amusement equipment must be taken into consideration, and with a certain amount of this, the children can be more comprehensively attracted to play. Rotating products like luxury carousel, fierce battle shark island, happy jellyfish, mini flying chair, etc. lifts like self-controlled planes, flying Snoopy and other electric vehicles like bumper cars, inflatable battery cars, monkey pull carts, bungee jumping and other rails like rail trains, mini Shuttle, Happy Hamster and other outdoor playgrounds must choose equipment among these categories, so that the playground has different ways of playing, and it attracts the eyes and love of children.
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