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What's wrong with playground operations?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-26
What are the problems in the operation of amusement parks 2018-07-23 08:49 Nowadays, the number of amusement parks is increasing, and the scale is also getting bigger and bigger. Competitiveness among peers is also increasing. Merchants do not have a business model with new ideas, so they will not be competitive in their peers, which will lead to the up and downhill route of amusement parks. There will be one or another problem in the operation of the amusement park. Only by finding the root cause of the problem and solving it can we gain a foothold in the industry and make the amusement park on the right track. 1. Unreasonable area expansion During the development process of the amusement park, the operators simply want to increase their corporate image as long as they expand the construction area of ​​the park, which will lead to stable development. However, in the operation mode of the amusement park, the merchants have expanded the area of ​​the amusement park, and the operators have not changed much in the business model. Once the area of ​​the amusement park is expanded, it does not match your planning and layout, resulting in a lot of wasted area. Therefore, there is no obvious advantage in the competitiveness of the peers, and it is still standing in place. Therefore, while expanding the area, it is necessary to make full use of every inch of land, carry out a reasonable layout, and give full play to the available space. This is the only way to expand, otherwise it is empty talk. 2 Lack of competitive differentiation According to the current status of amusement parks, the basic business model is“silly”model. Can not drink significantly reflects the local cultural nature. and foreign“disney amusement park”Everyone is familiar with it. The reason why a top-ranked company in the industry can become an industry leader clearly reflects the regional culture and creates its own theme, which makes the public feel different. It can be seen that forming a link relationship with one's own local culture is the key to improving one's own degree, and making adults and children feel friendly and familiar in the process of play. This difference will become the real competition of the playground in the competition. Competitors are differentiated, making it impossible for competitors to catch up. 3. Lack of customer adhesion Membership marketing is a good way to improve customer adhesion, but due to the limited grasp of member management methods, it cannot form a good member management system. Zhiwang Amusement Park membership management system is a membership software specially developed for amusement membership management. A good membership management system is inseparable from the assistance of the membership system. The first is the system's record of member information, which helps operators to better classify consumers. The division is made according to the major differences of each member, which can better approach the consumption target of consumers, thereby increasing the turnover. The member management system is equivalent to the operator's member information database. The problems encountered in the operation of the amusement park are not limited to these three points. The operator can find the problem according to the actual situation of his own enterprise, find the root cause of the problem, and solve it reasonably, so that the amusement park can develop smoothly.
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