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Why bring amusement equipment?

by:Jinma Rides     2021-08-11
Why bring amusement equipment? 2018-07-31 08:33 As the temperature is getting higher and higher, the number of people in squares, playgrounds, etc.-places is increasing. Following this is the increase in the frequency of use of playground equipment, and the operators have also ushered in a profitable season . When playing children's amusement equipment, the staff of the amusement factory remind consumers that the importance of lacing is the same as when driving, especially when playing with particularly exciting amusement equipment. When we are playing with children, we must not neglect the use of belts because of the high sex of the amusement equipment. So the editor hereby reminds all parents, remember to take good care of your children when they play with amusement equipment. By using the belt, you can prevent the amusement equipment from suddenly malfunctioning or stopping operations for some reason. The amusement equipment in a certain amusement park is automatically powered off and stopped due to a cigarette butt. At this time, there is no inertia effect, so accidents are prone to occur. If the strap is worn, then accidents can be avoided, such as The rail train and the carousel seem to be very different, but their performance is also compared under the conditions of this operation. If the power is suddenly cut off and the operation is stopped, the children on the carousel will have a forward inertia and the carousel will stop rotating. After that, the child still tends to the front, so it is easy to knock. After wearing the belt, if the carousel stops rotating, the belt will have a backward pulling force, which can prevent the child from knocking due to inertia. Every child is the focus of a family, so the editor here reminds parents to wear their belts when playing amusement equipment.
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