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Explanation of safety issues for children playing in large amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-03-19
Explanation of safety issues for children playing in large amusement equipment

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The safety of children's play in large-scale amusement equipment is very important. The following three points should be paid special attention to:

1. In the amusement equipment, children's amusement equipment is a very popular product, and amusement equipment has also entered our lives. We must also pay attention to the 'Instructions for Passengers' of the amusement facilities to make sure that you can ride properly. Usually Children under the age of 7 must be accompanied by an adult when riding the amusement machine. Larger amusement machines are not suitable for children under 1.4 meters in height, and patients suffering from acrophobia, heart disease, high blood pressure, blood deficiency, cervical spondylosis, etc. are also not suitable. Take a seat to avoid sudden illness.

2. Comply with the staff's arrangement. Passengers must follow the staff's arrangement when riding the amusement machine, and wear safety devices such as seat belts. For those who have flipped, violent collisions, etc., they should also take glasses, keys, etc. with them. The goods are taken off in advance, so as not to damage or injure the body.

3. Don't be too strong during the operation of the amusement machine, lift the protective device privately, play, get up, or stick your hands, feet, and head out of the guardrail, etc. When traveling on water amusement facilities, it is more strictly prohibited to collide, cross, Play in the water and other unsafe behaviors to avoid accidents. In case of unexpected situations such as power outages, don't be overwhelmed. Amusement machines and amusement facilities have been designed and manufactured with emergency devices and safety measures. Amusement places are also There are corresponding emergency management actions. If the amusement machine fails, it is necessary to calmly follow the guidance of the staff to persuade to get rid of the danger.

Because it is human nature to love to play, everyone has a playful innocence, especially in the childhood full of innocence and carefree, after research on children living in cities, it is found that playgrounds are the most important part of children A place to play, there are new amusement equipment of different shapes and models in the playground, children's amusement equipment, both boys and girls like to go to the playground to play, the playground is the world of children, the paradise of children Free yourself here and enjoy a happy time.

Although it is children's nature to love to play, they cannot be allowed to play uncontrollably. Under China's current education system, both adults and children will have some pressure in their lives. What if there is pressure? If you are under pressure, you have to decompress, so the playground is a good place for children and parents to decompress. Children release pressure on the playground road, so children find a balance between playing and learning.

In the children's playground, you can also receive various functions such as education, entertainment, art, children's library, etc. The important thing is that children can play together, and when parents are busy at work, they will not worry after school. There is a place to go, and in the children's playground, children and parents can find a way to grow.

For example, children under the age of three begin to learn to control their own behavior, like to play alone, like sand, mud, water, swings and slides, while children from three to six years old like to play with others , such as hide-and-seek, chasing, role-playing, etc., can fully mobilize their facial features and develop their imagination in the children's playground.

Taking the slide in the children's playground as an example, when children play, they can feel the stimulation brought by speed and the experience brought by air friction against the skin, which is a way to understand nature.

The height of the slide and the small friction force are a risk and challenge for children, but because of the existence of protective equipment on both sides, the risk becomes completely controllable.

Moreover, children will also participate when they see other children playing. On the premise of parents watching, a successful skating will also bring praise and self-satisfaction.

In addition, with the improvement of people's living standards, children have more opportunities to come into contact with some amusement equipment, which undoubtedly creates more conditions for children to go to the playground. Children in the city are no better than those in the countryside. There are many children playing. Because of some lifestyles in the city, they may have relatively good playmates. In any case, go to the playground, because the flow of people is relatively large, or remind family members to pay attention to the safety of children.
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