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Guangdong production track playground equipment manufacturers

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-04
Guangdong production track playground equipment manufacturers

2021/9/23 12:27:29

Track-type amusement equipment is a must-have amusement item in every theme park playground. There are many styles of rail-type amusement equipment, which are suitable for a wide range of people and are a type of amusement equipment with very good revenue.

The entire train of the track-sliding amusement machine is driven by two front and rear transmission parts, and travels along the two spiral tracks, sometimes spiraling up, sometimes rapidly descending, which is entertaining, interesting, and exciting. should. It brings new and happy feeling to the tourists during the ride.

Track amusement equipment is divided into: large roller coasters (roller coasters with more than 3 rings), jungle flying squirrels, sliding dragons, insect and fruit roller coasters, family roller coasters, Conglin roller coasters, spin roller coasters, etc.

Large-scale track-type amusement equipment needs to be tested, small and medium-sized track-type amusement equipment needs provincial inspection, large-scale track-type amusement equipment needs national inspection, and the corresponding specifications of track-type amusement equipment must be selected from manufacturers with formal production and installation qualifications. Cooperation, otherwise the purchased track amusement equipment cannot be successfully declared and tested, nor can it operate normally.

Guangdong manufacturers of rail amusement equipment - there are many manufacturers of rail amusement equipment, mainly in Guangdong and Shandong, Beijing, and Henan regions. According to the type of equipment, rail amusement equipment can only be produced with different production qualifications.

Jinma Amusement is a manufacturer holding nine formal production and installation qualifications and special equipment certificates, and has also won the 'Ninth Theme Park and Scenic Spot Selection Best Theme Park Amusement Equipment Provider'. The purpose of Jinma Amusement is to create value for customers and create happiness for tourists.
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