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What are the advantages of small amusement equipment?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-06
What are the advantages of small amusement equipment?

2021/9/26 8:20:37

Compared with those large amusement equipment, small amusement equipment is more dominant. If you want to invest in the amusement equipment industry, if you are undecided whether to invest in large amusement equipment or small amusement equipment, if your funds are not very rich, then listen to the editor to analyze the advantages of small amusement equipment for you, I believe you will have a clear choose.

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First of all, the requirements for the operation site of small children's play equipment are not high. Compared with the requirements of large-scale equipment, small children's play equipment does not require too much operating space; in terms of site rent, investment costs are saved. . Secondly, compared with large children's amusement equipment, the price of small children's amusement equipment is much lower than the price of large amusement equipment, generally less than 100,000 yuan, as little as 1,000 yuan, which is a real small investment, but Cost recovery will also be faster.

Finally, the sexual coefficient of small children's play equipment is high, because of its small size, it is very easy to control, and the risk is equivalent to zero. Unlike large amusement equipment, it is bulky and has unstable factors. There is nothing too dangerous for small amusement equipment. Parents are also assured to let their children play, and there must be more tourists than large amusement equipment. Because the large-scale amusement equipment has very high requirements on the riders, it is not suitable for those who are in sub-healthy body, the elderly, children and pregnant women to ride. The small amusement equipment is suitable for the public to ride.
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