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What are the problems of park amusement equipment that need to be prevented in advance

by:Jinma Rides     2022-01-19
What are the problems of park amusement equipment that need to be prevented in advance

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Today, the editor of the amusement park will introduce to you what problems of park amusement equipment need to be prevented in advance:

Every year, many children are injured by damaged or improperly assembled play equipment. Of course, you must understand that falls and scraped knees are a natural part of children's energy. But before children use any play area equipment, parents should check their safety features.

1. Are the screws, bolts and iron clamps of Italian swings, slides, rotating roulettes, monkey bars and seesaws fastened?

2. Check if there is rust or sharp protruding edges?

3. The equipment inside should be easy for the baby to climb up.

4. There should be no glass fragments, tops, cigarette butts, rubble, etc. in the pit.

5. Stop children from playing with equipment that is not suitable for their age.

6. Are there lawns or sand or rubber mats in some toy areas to prevent falls?

7. Is there any wear on the rope of the Italian swing?

8. Are there any hooks that will catch the baby's clothes or skin?

9. Check the sprinklers in the game area.

10. When your child is in a difficult situation, you must be sure to rescue him. In the event of danger, injury, or panic, can you move in and out of a jungle-like gymnasium like a monkey? Can you climb into a domed labyrinth that sits in a sand pit? Can you go from under the slide to the head of the slide?

11. Whether the seat cushion of the swing is lightweight, if the child walks behind or near the swing, the heavy metal cushion can undoubtedly knock the child down.

12. Are the pillars firmly anchored to the ground? Or fixed on the ground with cement?

13. Is the surface of the slide too slippery? If it is too slippery, your child can fly down at 60 miles per hour, standing where you can catch him, just in case he hurts the uncle, You can take immediate action.

The above is the whole content that the editor of today's amusement introduced to you about the problems of park amusement equipment that need to be prevented in advance. If you want to get more relevant information, you can visit our website!
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