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What are the types of accidents of large amusement equipment?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-21
What are the types of accidents of large amusement equipment?

2021/9/24 4:55:28

There are many large-scale amusement equipment, and there are many accidents of large-scale amusement equipment, so you need to pay attention when playing. The main types of large-scale amusement equipment accidents are as follows:

a. High-altitude fall accident: refers to the casualty and property damage caused by falling from a height above 2m (including 2m) of the height reference plane.
b. Collision (falling objects) accidents: refers to people hitting fixed objects, moving objects hitting people, mutual collisions, falling objects hitting, flying objects hitting, etc.
c. Overturning accident: refers to the collapse of equipment, resulting in casualties and property losses.
d. Electric shock accident: refers to the direct contact of the human body with the power supply, a certain amount of current passes through the human body, causing casualties.
e. Contact (high temperature moving parts) accident: refers to the human body touching the high temperature moving parts, resulting in casualties.

f. Fire accident: refers to casualties and property losses caused by uncontrolled combustion in time and space.
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