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What should you pay attention to when playing a large roller coaster?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-17
What should you pay attention to when playing a large roller coaster?

2021/9/26 4:59:06

A large roller coaster is a very exciting amusement facility. In addition to the protection of large amusement facilities before riding a roller coaster, we also need to do some preparations to ensure our own. So what should we pay attention to before playing an amusement facility such as a large roller coaster?

, If there are things on the pockets of the clothes, they must be fastened with zippers or buttons, otherwise do not put things on the body;

Second, don't wear a necklace that is too long, it may strangle the neck during the running and twisting of the roller coaster;

Third, girls should not wear too flowing skirts and oversized clothes;

Fourth, do not wear glasses and hats, otherwise they will be easily scratched, and even serious injury to yourself or others;

Fifth, do not wear leather shoes or sandals without straps, slippers, especially flip-flops, also to prevent falling and hurting yourself or others;

Sixth, the head of the roller coaster must be close to the seat, because the head will hit the armrest of the seat when shaking;

In addition to taking precautions before playing large-scale amusement facilities, there are the following groups of people who should not ride roller coasters:

1. High myopia

2. Patients with cardiovascular disease

3. Patients with cervical spine

4. The weak heart

5. Pregnant women

6. Children less than 1.4 meters

In order to ensure the safety of ourselves and others, when we go out to play, especially when playing such large-scale amusement facilities, we should also pay attention to cooperate with the instructions or suggestions of the on-site management personnel of the amusement park to play large-scale amusement facilities.
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