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What small playground equipment is suitable for small park squares?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-07
Children's amusement equipment is now more and more popular in the thin market. Traditional large-scale amusement equipment occupies the mainstream position. Equipment such as luxury carousel, rail train, amphibious vehicle, and rotating plane can be seen in every playground. figure. These traditional amusement equipment occupy relatively large areas such as various parks and scenic spots. What kind of small playground equipment is suitable for small park squares?
Small amusement equipment, as the name suggests, is a small amusement toy that occupies a small area and is easy to install and disassemble. Small amusement equipment can be divided into rotating, lifting, electric, electronic and so on according to different ways of playing. The following mainly introduces some new types of small amusement equipment.
1. Rotating small amusement equipment is a kind of amusement equipment that can be rotated. Children sitting in the cockpit can rotate along with the conversion of music. Such small amusement equipment is mainly for children under the age of three to play, and there are safety belts on each cockpit. Small children will have more fun sitting on it. This type of small equipment is more representative of rotating submarines. Rotary submarine is named for its cockpit is submarine style, each set of equipment can take 6 people, the equipment has a rotating function, can freely time and control music, and has a remote control function. Sitting on the rotating submarine can make children feel like they are flying under the sea. Equipped with background music, it can create a marine atmosphere for children, which is very popular among children. 2. Lifting small amusement equipment is an amusement equipment that can rotate and lift at the same time. The representative of lifting amusement equipment-lifting small plane, it is an amusement equipment that can rotate and lift. The cockpit is in the style of a small plane, which can Taking 6 people, children can experience the simulation process of the plane's take-off and landing, and experience the fun of flying. This kind of amusement equipment can not only rotate, but also can be lifted and lowered while rotating. It is suitable for children over three years old to play. Such equipment is like a small rotating lift plane, which is more popular with children.
3. Electric small equipment is mainly bumper cars. Children's cartoon bumper cars are very suitable for placing in squares or small shopping malls. Bumper car amusement equipment is a small battery-driven amusement equipment. The most used venue is the square. Children sit on the bumper cars and you chase after each other. It is like a chase game.
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