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6 golden rules for operating small amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-02-09
6 golden rules for operating small amusement equipment

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We all know that entrepreneurs in the amusement industry invest in amusement parks; they all hope that the business will be prosperous. However, starting a business is easy, but maintaining a business is difficult. Many entrepreneurs have a deep understanding of this sentence. How to make the invested amusement park bigger and stronger is a very profound knowledge. Based on years of experience in cooperation between amusement parks and customers, we have summed up 6 major factors that determine the success or failure of amusement parks, and 6 golden rules for operating small amusement equipment, no longer worry about passenger flow! I hope it can bring you some inspiration...

1. Funds

It is difficult for a clever woman to cook without rice. Amusement parks operate normally, and sufficient funds are a must.

Now there are some young people who start businesses blindly without sufficient funds. As a result, the capital turnover is difficult after opening. They have no money to introduce new amusement equipment, and they have no money to advertise. skill.

Under the circumstance that there is not much capital, it is recommended to start with some small equipment, and then gradually add large equipment after the funds are returned to the operation properly. Or on the premise of introducing large-scale equipment, leave a part of operating funds (including publicity expenses, daily expenses, etc.), so that it will not be in a passive operation situation in the later stage.

2. Location

Shopping malls are like battlefields. During a war, if you take the advantage of terrain that is easy to defend and difficult to attack, you can protect yourself and weaken your opponents, so you can always take the initiative.

With sufficient funds, it is recommended to open in a prime location with convenient transportation, not too far from the city center. Although the expenses are large, the turnover is also high, and the funds can be recovered quickly.

Regarding the location selection of amusement parks, we have also shared it in our previous articles. Click for details: an article that will make you an expert in the location selection and operation of amusement parks!

3. Equipment quality

Quality is the way of survival and development for an amusement park. Quality is the life of equipment. The quality of quality directly affects the choice and use of consumers. However, when choosing equipment, if you only pay attention to appearance and price, and ignore the product Quality problems will directly affect later use.

Therefore, when we choose, we need to know whether the manufacturer has the inspection and appraisal of the quality supervision department, and whether there is a product quality certificate. If conditions permit, it is recommended to personally see the product quality, the use of product materials, workmanship, etc.

4. Management

Efficient management level is very important for children's amusement parks. No matter for any industry, efficient management can ensure the low-cost and efficient operation of the amusement park, maximize the potential of employees, and improve the enthusiasm of employees.

In fact, we should look at the big from the small, and manage a small amusement equipment in an orderly manner in all aspects, which can exercise personal ability. If you open a large amusement park in the future, it will be much easier. Operators must not only improve their management level, but also cultivate a group of high-level management talents, so as to ensure the healthy operation of children's amusement parks.

5. Marketing

There are many marketing contents, which are divided into in-park marketing and out-of-park marketing. Marketing in the park is to use our professional knowledge and good service attitude to win the favor of tourists after entering the door, so as to lay a solid foundation for subsequent membership cards and re-consumption.

Outside the park marketing is to advertise outside the park to increase the traffic of the park. The method and intensity of marketing are very important to the success or failure of the business. A children's amusement park with poor location and small scale can make up for the disadvantage and increase the passenger flow by doing a good job in marketing. An amusement park with a good location and a large scale can play a icing on the cake with good marketing.

6. Service

Now most of the children's amusement parks only focus on price competition and ignore the service competition. In the future, the competition in China's children's amusement industry will inevitably turn to the competition of services, which is the real healthy competition.

Service is to highlight the quality of an amusement park. The supporting service facilities of the amusement park and the overall quality of the service team will bring tourists a more intuitive amusement experience. If the service of your amusement park is not in place, no matter how well you do in other areas, it will be greatly discounted in the minds of tourists.
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