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Be careful not to get hurt when playing outdoor recreational facilities in hot weather

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-09
Be careful not to get hurt when playing outdoor recreational facilities in hot weather

2021/9/26 5:16:46

In recent days, many places have ushered in high-temperature weather, and some places have even exceeded 35 degrees Celsius. After some outdoor amusement facilities have been exposed to the high temperature of the sun, the surface temperature is even higher. A child in Guangzhou went to the park in such a high temperature weather to play with the outdoor amusement facilities and slide. Due to the high temperature exposure, the surface temperature of the slide was too high, causing the child's buttocks to be 2 degrees shallower and the area to be 2%. Fortunately, the situation was not serious, and cleaning Regular follow-up visits immediately after wound treatment.

Golden Horse's warm reminder: when the temperature is higher than 50 ℃, blisters will form; if 60 ℃ touches human skin for one minute, it will cause three degrees. For children with delicate skin, the temperature of 50 ℃ may be injured in a short time. Therefore, be very careful when taking children out in hot weather, do not let them walk barefoot on the ground, and do not let them touch metal objects casually, so as not to be caught.

For children on slides, the first thing to look at is the material of the slides for outdoor amusement facilities. If it is a metal material, then under the high temperature exposure, the metal can easily absorb a lot of heat, and its temperature will be much higher than other materials; secondly, children When sitting and sliding down the slide, the speed is getting faster and faster. At this time, his gravitational potential energy is converted into kinetic energy, and then converted into internal energy, which will cause the buttocks to become hot, coupled with the high temperature of the slide itself, and Children's skin is extremely delicate, and it can be seen that a variety of reasons can easily cause children's skin to be covered.

In addition, in addition to the outdoor amusement facilities such as slides, due to the exposure to the sun and the light, the temperature of the floor lamps in summer is also quite high. So don't let the children stay away from the floor lights in summer.

Once the child is caught, do not blindly rescue, you must remember five words: rush, take off, soak, cover, send. Rinse - Immediately remove the heat source and rinse the wounded surface with running cold water; take off - after rinsing, carefully remove the clothes and keep the stuck parts; soak - for those with obvious pain, soak in cold water for 10-30 minutes ; Cover - use clean or sterile gauze or cotton cloth to cover the wound and fix it; send - send to a doctor and seek medical help.

In addition, don’t use the following folk remedies for burning: First, apply red, because if you use red, it will stain the part, and it is difficult for doctors to judge the degree of burning; second, stick a Band-Aid, which may deepen the wound; third, apply toothpaste, which will easy to cause infection.

When going out to play outdoor amusement facilities in high temperature weather, parents must not pay attention to whether the facilities are suitable for children to play and avoid burning.
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