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Design concept of amusement park amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2021-08-17
The design concept of amusement park amusement equipment is 683 times 2019-04-23 14:14:34  Regional civilization differences: love for civilization, act with cameras, seek the close connection between amusement park amusement equipment and surrounding civilization, and construct the design concept of the Ministry of Culture, It has become the basic criterion for the design of amusement equipment in modern amusement parks.
Planarized space: The main hypothesis of amusement park amusement equipment is composed of two parts, one is an entity composed of some theme elements of amusement equipment, and the other is a space composed of physical structures. Entity comparisons are casually watched, and space is also the main component of amusement park amusement equipment.
You can feel the art of infection: The design of amusement park amusement equipment is very different from other amusement equipment designs in that the amusement park amusement equipment changes according to the surrounding conditions and has its own life.
Diversified styles: the design of amusement park amusement equipment is a wide-reaching, illusory and edge design, which crosses with and is influenced by many superstition skills, such as mechanics, ecology, soil science, and plants. Science, aesthetics, etc. Therefore, designers of amusement park amusement equipment should take a rigorous and superstitious position, understand the characteristics of various disciplines, apply modern technology, and use superstitious methods to integrate these elements into the amusement equipment.
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