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Difference between carousel drive and imitation drive

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-28
Difference between carousel drive and imitation drive

2021/9/23 11:08:49

Carousel power structure: The difference between the top-drive carousel and the imitation top-drive carousel, the overall structure of the carousel is different, so the price is also different. According to the power structure, the carousel is divided into three types: upper transmission, lower transmission and imitation upper transmission.

The upper drive carousel - that is, the driving force is on the top, which means that the motor and the structure of the luxury carousel are on the upper layer. Usually this part is relatively wide, and the main force is the auxiliary frame. beautiful. The upper drive carousel has many advantages, for example, it is not easy to be damaged, the general life is maintained to 8-10 years, and there are many styles, the chassis is extremely uniform and narrow; however, the upper drive carousel has high technological requirements, complex structure, and quality requirements for steel Too high, the price is much higher than the lower drive carousel.

The principle of the lower drive carousel is opposite to that of the upper drive carousel. It is mainly the force of the track wheel, and the support frame is the auxiliary force. Although the difference seems to be small, in fact, the process requirements of the two are very different. Moreover, each part of the lower transmission carousel is easy to disassemble, and the assembly mode is relatively simple, which can be learned by ordinary people, so the price of the lower transmission carousel is relatively low, such as the simple carousel.

It is developed based on the characteristics of the upper transmission carousel and the lower transmission carousel. The price is between the two, and the advantage is that it can be placed in places, zoos, parks, squares, etc., without being affected by the venue. Restrictions, that is, to achieve the beauty of the upper drive carousel, easy to use, and reduce costs, it is a relatively mature set of amusement equipment in the market.

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