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Difference Between Easy Carousel and Deluxe Carousel

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-15
Difference Between Easy Carousel and Deluxe Carousel

2021/9/26 11:50:00

The price difference between a simple carousel and a luxury carousel is mainly in the degree of luxury. The most important thing is that the structure is different, which is similar to when we usually buy a house. The price of simple decoration and luxurious decoration are different, as is the carousel. . There are also luxurious and simple. The luxury carousel is expensive because of the materials used, and the simple carousel uses a simple structure, so the price difference is low. In addition to the difference in decoration, the carousel also has a difference in transmission mode. The luxury carousel adopts upper transmission or imitation upper transmission, and the manufacturing process is complicated. The simple carousel adopts the lower transmission, and the manufacturing process is simple.

The carousel is exquisite and beautiful. Whether the effect of anti-Trojan horse decoration is good or bad is mainly determined by two factors. One is the glass fiber reinforced plastic process of the carousel. The rotation produced by a good process is rough and ugly. The second is the preparation of the carousel. A good match can make the carousel more beautiful. If it is not matched properly, it will seriously affect the appearance of the carousel.

The carousel of Jinma Amusement Equipment Factory not only looks very luxurious and high-grade, but also adopts the upper transmission and stable structure frame, giving us reliable products and making customers more assured. In addition, it is the origin of China's amusement, the product quality is guaranteed, and our after-sales service is reliable. Only good after-sales service can win the trust of customers.
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