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Different types of children's play equipment have different requirements

by:Jinma Rides     2022-10-13
Specifications for children's play equipment: For sliding classes, such as roller coasters, the acceleration allowable value is increased. This is because when the roller coaster descends from the high point to the low point, the speed is very fast and the acceleration is high. To prevent injury to passengers, acceleration should be limited to a certain range.
Increase various loads, such as wind load, because when the wind speed is higher than the sixth level, its own speed plus impact force, the possibility of passengers being thrown is very dangerous, and the operation of children's amusement equipment must be stopped.
The safety factor has been adjusted and reduced. In the past, common materials could meet safety requirements without the need for special materials. In the past, safety factors were set too high, resulting in wasted material and increased costs. Added new requirements for security assessment and security analysis. Improve safety standards for children's play equipment.
Small children's play equipment, parks, squares, shopping malls, supermarkets, cultural festivals, temple fairs, baby and children's product exhibitions, scenic spots, food festivals, beach cultural festivals, large communities, kindergartens.
Large-scale children's amusement equipment, mobile water park, animation water world, fifth-generation cultural and technological theme park, animation red carnival, animation element theme park.
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