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Do a good job in the maintenance and maintenance of new amusement equipment to make the life longer-Xuchang Chuangyi Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.

by:Jinma Rides     2022-10-17
The maintenance and maintenance of the new amusement equipment can make the life longer 783 times 2019-09-02 11:58:32 The maintenance and maintenance of the new amusement equipment can make the life longer? People always like some new things, The same is true for amusement equipment. Always playing with one device doesn’t feel interesting, and it doesn’t bring any happiness. For the new type of equipment, the first thing that can attract customers is the appearance of the equipment, and the second is the feeling that this equipment can give people to play, so that it can be regarded as a new type of amusement equipment. When investors choose amusement equipment, they must do it from the purchase, operation, promotion and maintenance of the participating equipment. The following amusement equipment manufacturers will talk about how to maintain and maintain the new equipment. work.

1. During the maintenance process of amusement equipment, it is necessary to observe the actual situation of the equipment and the operation of the parts that are easy to wear, so as to avoid unnecessary harm.

2. Amusement equipment shall not be subcontracted or subcontracted in the later maintenance process, which can easily cause the operator's own interests to be neglected and cause unnecessary trouble.

3. In the process of purchasing new amusement equipment, you must choose a qualified manufacturer for cooperation (Zhengzhou Jinshan amusement equipment manufacturer), because the qualification of the manufacturer determines the professionalism of later maintenance.

4. The service life of the equipment must be distinguished from the maintenance period. Different manufacturers have different requirements, so the new amusement equipment needs to be negotiated with cooperative manufacturers according to different years.

5. All equipment must be related to the data records maintained by everyone during the operation process. It is necessary to implement important links to everyone, and to implement the responsibility system for everyone.

The above is about the maintenance and maintenance of the new style of amusement equipment in the playground operation, so as to avoid failures during the operation of the equipment, and it can also prolong the service life of the equipment.
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