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Do you need a strap when playing bumper car rides?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-17
Do you need a strap when playing bumper car rides?

2021/9/26 2:35:51

In fact, many people will not take the initiative to tie the belt when they are playing with bumper car amusement equipment, because everyone in the general article thinks that bumper cars are exciting, and even if they have a belt, it is also a decoration.

Sometimes when the staff at the bumper car venue asks tourists to tie up, they are asked, 'Do you still need a tie to drive a bumper car?'

The tie is a protective tool, the car will generate a kind of inertia after the impact, the belt can reduce the harm of detachment caused by the inertia, and play a protective role.

Accidents may occur whether it is playing amusement equipment. Although there are few cases of tourists being injured because they are not strapped, they do happen. Because the speed of the bumper car is controlled by the tourists themselves, many people press the accelerator pedal to the end in order to seek excitement. In particular, children who play bumper cars without straps have a greater chance of vertebral fractures than adults.

Bumper cars must be tied, and the notices for passengers will be posted at the entrance of the bumper car venue. As long as the tourists go to play, they will not miss the notices for passengers, but many people will not watch them, so before boarding the car, the venue staff Visitors are reminded to drive carefully.
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