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Don't forget playground safety while busy making money

by:Jinma Rides     2022-03-01
Don't forget playground safety while busy making money

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On weekends and holidays, parents often take their children out for a walk. The children have a changeable temperament and lack of determination. After a long time, it is inevitable that they will cry. At this time, if there is a children-only play area in the mall or restaurant, it is a lifesaver for parents. However, these places where children laugh and laugh may have potential safety hazards. As a children's playground operator, what should be done to minimize the probability of safety accidents? Large-scale amusement equipment is recommended from the following aspects. consider. 1. Equipment safety When buying amusement facilities in an indoor children's park, don't just focus on the price of the product. The quality and safety of products and the attractiveness of novel and unique children's amusement equipment to children are two crucial factors. Quality, environmental protection and safety are the life of amusement equipment. Only a qualified and high-quality product will bring a steady stream of wealth and vitality to investment park operators. In addition, daily maintenance should be done well, including the following work: Equipment cleaning Children's amusement parks should be cleaned and maintained well. Amusement equipment is particularly easy to get dirty when children play every day, so operators should pay attention to sanitation every day. Keep the surface of the device clean, if there is any foreign matter, it should be cleaned up immediately to prevent the child from being scratched when playing. Keep each sliding surface and lead screw, gear, rack, etc. free of oil pollution and bumps; no oil leakage, water leakage, air leakage, and electricity leakage in all parts. Sanitary, clean and safe amusement equipment, parents are more willing to bring their children to play. Rotary shaft maintenance Among the children's playground equipment, there are very electric rotating equipment, and there are many bearings in these equipment that need to be lubricated. Because these places rotate many times a day, they are most prone to failure problems. Therefore, it is best for the operator to check and maintain it regularly every 1-2 months, do a good job in lubrication and maintenance, and increase the service life of the equipment. Screw welding maintenance Each set of amusement equipment has a variety of screw welding positions to fix the stability of each bracket and ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Once there is a problem with one of them, there may be a security incident. Therefore, operators should regularly check whether the screws of the equipment are loose and whether there are problems such as oxidation deformation and cracking at the welding port position. If this happens, it should be dealt with immediately or suspended. Wire maintenance Everything has a useful life, and the wires will age after a period of use. Therefore, the operator needs to check whether the circuit of the amusement equipment is aging and leaking in the daily maintenance. If there is, he should immediately stop using and replace the circuit to prevent safety accidents. Regular inspection The operator should regularly check whether the safety bar of the amusement equipment is in good condition, whether the safety fence is damaged, whether the motor and its fixing bolts are abnormal, whether the voltage and current values u200bu200bare normal, etc. In addition to these, for some key parts of children's amusement equipment, relevant personnel should pay attention to it, and increase the frequency to inspect them carefully from time to time to ensure that the equipment can operate normally. Among them, it includes motors, electrical cabinet lines, equipment arms and main frames, etc. 2. Relevant safety slogans and notices No rules can be made without rules, and the same is true of operating children's playgrounds. In order to protect each other's rights and interests and avoid conflicts, as the operator of children's playgrounds, you need to inform customers of some reminders. The playground equipment should be affixed or hung with warning signs, indicating the age, height, physical condition of children, and what kind of past medical history is prohibited from playing. place. The venue should arrange staff to strictly monitor the height, weight and age of the children, and explain the basic situation of the amusement facilities to the parents, so that they can judge whether the children are suitable for playing. 3. Daily operation safety Crowded people in the children's amusement park will exceed the carrying limit of the amusement equipment, which can easily lead to safety accidents. Therefore, operators should pay attention not to control the number of players because of profit-driven reasons. Once a safety accident occurs, only in terms of economic losses, it will bring immeasurable economic losses to the operator, not to mention a series of other serious problems. Therefore, operators should not ignore the big hidden dangers that may occur for the sake of some small profits. Fourth, strengthen the safety awareness of the staff This is undoubtedly the most important point. The venue staff need to be rigorous. When there is a problem with the amusement equipment, the game should be stopped immediately and dealt with. The physical and mental conditions of the tourists should be evaluated, and the unsuitable players should be patiently persuaded. Before taking up the job, the staff should be trained in relevant skills, such as the debugging and control of amusement equipment, and basic first aid methods. Only after passing the assessment can they be qualified for the job.

With the continuous development of my country's children's amusement industry and the gradual improvement of the market system, the country has also promulgated relevant laws and regulations for the children's entertainment facility industry. When operating children's playground equipment, it must be carried out within the scope stipulated by the state, and safety management should be done well to ensure the safety of passengers. Practice has proved that good safety management of large amusement equipment can effectively reduce the incidence of accidents. This is also what a 'warm' park should do, rather than just focus on profit.
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