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Don't panic when riding children's playground equipment malfunctions

by:Jinma Rides     2021-08-11
Don’t panic when riding on the children’s playground equipment failure The parking button makes the children's playground equipment out of service quickly. If it is an abnormal situation such as discomfort or fear of an individual passenger, after the children's playground facilities are stable, the passenger will be removed, and the passenger will be taken to an appropriate position. The illness will be explained to the rest of the passengers, and the operation will be resumed under stable conditions. When the children’s playground equipment is running, there is a sudden power failure or mechanical failure, and the children’s playground equipment stops operating, causing passengers to be suspended in the air: There are three reasons for this failure: one is the power supply failure; the other is the equipment shutdown due to the failure of the automatic control system The third is the suspension of the children’s playground equipment failure. Power outages include power outages of children's playground equipment or electrical system failures. After this happens, the main power switch of children's playground facilities should be turned off immediately; the staff will inform passengers of the situation through radio and other means to prevent passengers from panic.
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