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Factors to be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of children's amusement equipment in water parks

by:Jinma Rides     2021-08-17
The maintenance of children's amusement equipment in water parks shall be carried out by the maintenance units of children's playground equipment or large-scale amusement equipment users with corresponding qualifications. Children’s playground equipment safety management personnel and maintenance staff shall, in accordance with relevant national regulations, pass the assessment of the special equipment safety supervision and management department, and obtain the national special operation personnel certificate before they can engage in corresponding operations or management tasks.
The service life of children's playground equipment shall not be higher than the service life specified in relevant national regulations or design review reports. Children’s playground equipment that exceeds the age requirement needs to be updated, or a qualified unit can be found to modify the equipment, and it can be put into use only after it has passed the supervision and inspection. Regarding the matters needing special attention in the maintenance of children's playground equipment, these factors must be paid more attention to during the daily maintenance of the same children's playground equipment.
The maintenance of children's playground equipment does not allow any form of subcontracting or subcontracting. Under the maintenance of children's playground equipment, there should be no less than two people on site; safety protection measures for children's playground equipment should be implemented during work. Regular maintenance of children's playground equipment can reduce the occurrence of children's playground equipment failures and ensure the safe operation of children's playground equipment. Children's amusement equipment is the key to the attraction of water parks. At the beginning of the creation of the water park, it is necessary to find out the water amusement facilities that meet the requirements, and the amusement park should be customized according to the actual situation to achieve the desired effect.
Always insist on safety as the first priority. Playgrounds should always consider safety issues. On the night when there was a strong wind in the children’s playground in the square, some water amusement equipment belonged to special equipment, which had to undergo strict inspections, and had to undergo various levels of acceptance and even sub-tests. After these, they could be put into use normally. . If you have a sloppy mentality at the beginning of the creation, you will definitely not succeed, and even cause serious consequences. When designing or producing water amusement facilities, relevant standards must meet national requirements and strictly supervise the production process.
Consider the needs of various groups of people. At the beginning of the construction of water amusement facilities, there must be an accurate positioning. Children’s playground equipment. Some water amusement facilities are suitable for all ages, but they are relatively lacking in excitement, and comprehensive crowd coverage can easily lead to lack of features. When designing, it is necessary to consider the needs of different groups of people and make some choices based on needs.
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