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Five reasons to choose Air Force One rides

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-10
Five reasons to choose Air Force One rides

2021/9/26 2:14:06

Air Force One is an amusement equipment with good income. It has a large load capacity and can earn more than 600 yuan per round. Generally, there are only all amusement equipment with less than 22 seats of the same type. The carnival atmosphere with cool space design is colorful. Lanterns are born to be protagonists!

Five reasons to choose Air Force One amusement equipment:

1. Fighter aircraft in rotating amusement machines: Taiwan Air Force No. 1 Client: Fujian Fuzhou Olympic Sports Center, creating the magic of receiving more than 1,200 people and having a monthly revenue of nearly 400,000 yuan per model;

2. Inspection-free amusement equipment, worry-free operation: the equipment height is 4 meters, and the running height is 1.96 meters. It belongs to amusement equipment, which integrates moderate stimulation of play and worry-free operation;

3. Domestic industry standard glass fiber reinforced plastic suppliers: All the component suppliers of Air Force One are large enterprises with industry standards. The production cost of only the cockpit glass fiber reinforced plastic is about 40% more expensive than that of most amusement equipment on the market, and it has been successfully passed. The speed impact destructive experimental test can protect the passengers;

4. Piano baking paint coloring process: All the amusement equipment of Jinma adopts the piano baking paint process, which has the characteristics of anti-oxidation, high and low temperature resistance, impact resistance and scratch resistance. : New equipment with the same appearance, why does Golden Horse's amusement equipment still look beautiful after a few years of operation, while the appearance of some manufacturers' amusement equipment is old and close to being scrapped. This is the difference in the coloring process. Many cheap amusement equipment uses It is all polyester spray painting process, and even some manufacturers do not even have primer in order to save costs. The cost of this process is more than half of the new paint process)

5. A powerful manufacturer sells not only equipment, but also services: don’t question why the price is expensive, it will take you a lifetime to sell it to you, and it will take time for you to deal with any problems big or small. These are all costs, and we buy them for a lot of them every year. Customers of other manufacturers’ equipment have dealt with more than 100 after-sales problems. They were all attracted by the price of others when they bought it. When they bought it back, they kept having small problems and big problems. There are a lot of people, and they are a pile of scrap iron if they are not maintained.
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