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For large amusement equipment, how can we choose the safe equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-08
For large amusement equipment, how can we choose the safe equipment

2021/9/26 3:08:45

For large amusement equipment, how can we choose the safe equipment

The rise of the amusement industry has also led to the rise of many new factories! It started two years ago! Some small factories have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain and have launched their banners through the Internet! Great publicity! In response to this situation, investors How to choose large amusement equipment?

Precautions for purchasing amusement equipment, Jinma Xiaobian tells you: First of all, you must choose a large company and follow the right channel! You cannot choose to purchase equipment from a small company because of the cheap price, because the production of amusement facilities is very important to manufacturers. And the technical requirements are very high. Generally speaking, many companies are often not qualified for the production of large-scale amusement equipment, and the products produced are naturally unpackaged!

In addition, about investing in large-scale amusement facilities, you can't be blind! There are a few points to pay attention to, how big is your place? What form does it need to be? The size of the place determines the capital invested and income, etc. Can there be a fixed customer group? Has the consumption power of the crowd? According to the consumption power of the crowd, there is a good plan for the size of the amusement equipment venue!

Jinma Amusement has a good operating environment, a mature operation mode and a high-quality construction team. It integrates the trend of landscape concepts and traditional Chinese garden landscape ideas, and has completed the design and construction of many large-scale projects.

In addition to the supply of amusement themed products, Golden Horse Amusement also provides services for theme design planning and site construction. The business scope of landscape engineering includes: design and production of landscapes such as tourist resorts, children's playgrounds, theme parks, children's professional experience halls, and commercial buildings. The business scope of children's amusement includes: shopping plazas, theme restaurants, kindergartens, theme parks, indoor playgrounds, tourist resorts and other public areas.
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