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For the safety of the equipment, it is more important to operate the children's amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2021-08-11

   For the safety of the equipment, the more important thing is how to operate the children's amusement equipment. Only safe operation can bring us benefits. There are many accidents in amusement parks due to amusement equipment accidents due to multiple reasons, including equipment inspection, daily maintenance and maintenance, and failure to check safety instructions before the game. It is recommended that operators do routine maintenance and inspection of amusement equipment to reduce the number of accidents and ensure people's safety during the game. The inspection equipment can be inspected from the following four aspects.

  1. Take a look at the safety devices of children's amusement equipment. Check whether the safety devices such as seat belts and safety bars are complete and effective. Insist on daily inspection of the amusement equipment and install safety devices before starting the machine, and deal with any abnormal conditions in time to maintain the equipment's long-term operation.

  2. Check the equipment wiring to see if there are any problems with the equipment. When... When the amusement equipment suddenly stops running, it is usually caused by the automatic protection when the body is overheated or the load exceeds the limit. The mechanical transmission and structure are rarely likely to fail. At this time, check the circuit first, and then check the body after confirming that the circuit is normal. Find out the direct cause of the shutdown by observing, smelling, touching and turning your hands, and then restart after troubleshooting.

  3, and check the appearance of the amusement equipment cabin for obvious stains. Check the daily hygiene work, whether it is new amusement equipment or classic amusement equipment, imagine if passengers see a dirty cockpit, they will still have the desire to ride. Therefore, good hygiene is a business card to welcome customers.

  4. Look at the amusement equipment in good condition. Children’s amusement equipment is designed with a certain design angle, and each design point has a purpose. Therefore, do not use external force to promote rotation, and try artificial stimulation. Various equipment should be coordinated and operated within the design scope.

   Doing a good job in daily maintenance and inspection Amusement equipment is the daily work of the operator. Doing a good job of inspection and maintenance can not only extend the amusement equipment but also the basis for safe operation. Therefore, it is necessary to do routine maintenance and inspection of amusement equipment to ensure that the amusement equipment operates in a safe state.

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