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Four knowledge points to know about the operation of large-scale amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-19
Four knowledge points to know about the operation of large-scale amusement equipment

2022/5/31 3:43:49

At present, the amusement equipment on most playgrounds is basically homogeneous, and the amusement equipment produced by various amusement equipment manufacturers is also similar. Only a few amusement equipment manufacturers will work hard on innovative design and launch unique amusement equipment products. .

Large-scale amusement equipment needs to be operated, so you must know four points when operating. What are these four knowledge points?

Necessary marketing knowledge, if you want to keep the flow of tourists in your park, you must issue a series of publicity policies. Therefore, you can formulate corresponding marketing management knowledge based on market forecasts and surveys of consumers' psychology and characteristics. activities and park promotion programs.

Second, you must be familiar with the products of your own paradise, such as the characteristics of some products, precautions for use, repair and maintenance methods. You must understand the built-in items of the product, the quality identification, etc., to prepare for the future business process!

Third, do a good job in product maintenance and maintenance. If you want the equipment to make better money, you must find a way to extend the service life of the equipment, and also avoid the situation that the equipment is temporarily out of business due to failure during peak periods. You, the operator, should carry out regular maintenance and inspection of the equipment.

Fourth, understand the relevant laws and regulations, such as which amusement equipment is not allowed, which is prohibited by the laws and regulations of our country. In addition, relevant materials should also be read in economic regulations, labor regulations, social security, health, fire protection and other multi-party children's playground regulations to ensure children's and playground problems. Of course, there are also various knowledge learning when opening a playground, such as opening requirements, sanitation requirements, fire protection requirements, etc. are also very important.
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