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'Four Seeings' You Need to Do When Playing Amusement Equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-17
'Four Seeings' You Need to Do When Playing Amusement Equipment

2021/9/26 11:51:33

Before riding the amusement equipment, passengers must pay attention to some matters, and must do 'four things':

Take a look at the amusement equipment for the crowd. Check whether the amusement equipment is suitable for your physical condition, understand the requirements of the facility for the age or the ride of patients with certain diseases, and choose the amusement equipment that is suitable for you.

Second, read the passenger information. Understand the sports characteristics, instructions for use, protection instructions and warnings of the amusement equipment, and be aware of it. Listen carefully to the knowledge explanations and matters explained by the staff, and ask questions in a timely manner if you are not clear.

Look at the security check sign. Check whether the equipment has an inspection certificate, and it is within the validity period of the inspection. Do not ride the amusement equipment without the use registration certificate and regular inspection report.

Four look at the device. To check whether the device (such as belt, bar, etc.) is complete and effective. If there are devices that are not complete or cannot be used normally, refuse to ride or play.

What is more worth noting is that consumers should be careful not to take children to ride on the more dangerous amusement equipment; when riding, they should obey the arrangement of the management personnel, consciously fasten belts and other protective devices, and cooperate with protective measures; after the amusement equipment is turned on If there is a problem, don’t panic, follow the instructions of the staff to avoid unnecessary harm; if you find unlicensed or uninspected amusement equipment, you should report it in time, so that the relevant departments can investigate and deal with it and protect the consumption of other consumers; such as in the business premises In the event of an accident, attention should be paid to retaining on-site evidence for future complaints.
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